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Restorative Dentistry in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Don’t Settle for Discomfort

Do you have a tooth that aches constantly? Unexplained stinky breath? What about gums that a swollen or loose molars that make chewing food painful? Too many people live with these types of soreness and discomfort in their mouths for years. But these are the telltale signs that you are experiencing a treatable oral disease. The best thing for your lifestyle and comfort is to swing by Pierpan Family Dentistry for a quick, hassle-free check-up.
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We’re Here to Help

Restorative dentistry identifies, treats and prevents tooth decay and gum ailments. The culprit is usually bacteria finding a home in your mouth, such a plaque. The easiest way to avoid these symptoms is practicing routine oral hygiene, i.e., regularly brushing and flossing. But when it’s been a while and the pain begins, you will need a professional checkup to pinpoint the source of distress and provide effective treatments if necessary.
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Treatments, Advice and Options Tailored to You

That’s why our team of highly-trained dentists is here for you. Too often, dentists can be pushy or not provide the specialized care that you need. We have a different approach. We tailor our services to you, listen to your thoughts and discuss your options with you. We believe that it is our job to empower you to make the best decision for yourself.